AYNHOE Backstage

Aynhoe Backstage is a reincarnation of Aynhoe Park at festivals and events.

From it's unique decor, it's specially curated music to the butler served frozen margarita's - it's impossible not to immerse yourself.


Aynhoe Backstage began in 2016 when James and Sophie were approached by Wilderness Festival to create their 'backstage bar'.

With James' depth of knowledge in the music industry combined with his wife, Sophie's creativity, Aynhoe Backstage is a home from home.


Aynhoe Backstage can be tailor made to the desired space and event, with the same level of service as you would receive at the house.


If you are interested in booking Aynhoe Backstage for your festival or other event.

Please email us at thebutler@aynhoepark.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1869 810 636