The House

Our unusual country house is somewhere with a surprise behind every door and a curiosity around every corner.

Inside its grand and imposing walls, historic opulence and modern whimsy come together to create a place unlike any other country house in the world.

Day-to-day life at Aynhoe operates under the gimlet eyes of our butlers. There when needed; invisible when not, they are traditionally trained, vocational and endlessly resourceful individuals who keep the house ticking over and work miracles on the side.

The atmosphere treads a balance between aesthetic elegance and the playfully surreal – one which can be tailored to suit the sensibilities of the guest. For some, Aynhoe Park is a playground of the imagination; for others, it is a study in refinement.


Aynhoe Park was originally built in 1615, but it has been rebuilt, remodelled and embellished many times since then, as time, tragedy and the imagination of its owners changed its face across the centuries.

The site itself has been in use since the 12th century, becoming home to the Cartwright family when John Cartwright built his house here in 1615. Just 30 years later, Aynhoe Park was all but destroyed in the Civil War, and required rebuilding, more or less from scratch.



James Perkins is a restorer of historic houses, a music-industry veteran, a collector and an aesthete.

A Modern Grand Tour

Where Aynhoe’s curated collection of fine art, modern design and exclusive editions is available for sale

A Modern Grand Tour

After Hours

The unusual country house is full of secret spaces to continue celebrating beyond the witching hour.

After Hours