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A polar bear in flying goggles. A pair of plaster caryatids. The Tardis. A giraffe balloon-lifted to the ceiling. A wall of vintage globes. An alligator waiter…

Parnham Park and Aynhoe Park before it are living museums of art and curiosities, filled with pieces both priceless and playful, all acquired by Aynhoe’s owners, James and Sophie Perkins, over the course of their travels.

A touch of wonderland pervades the otherworldly interiors, which have long been a well-kept secret of the sartorial set.

For more than 25 years, James has followed in the footsteps of the Grand Tourists of the 18th and 19th centuries, venturing to contemporary creative centres and antique lands to accumulate a collection of fine art and modern design, unrivalled in the UK.

James' style comes from his one-of-a-kind collection of art and taxidermy, inspired by a combination of appreciation for classical artwork and sculpture, a love of innovative design and a very British sort of eccentricity.

In 2012, a sale at Christies raised more than £3.5m from Aynhoe Park’s art and antiquities, inspiring James and Sophie to launch the A Modern Grand Tour online shop, where Aynhoe’s collection of fine art, modern design and exclusive editions is available to invest in for the first time.

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