Behind the Lens: Lucy Davenport

Lucy Davenport at Aynhoe Park

Lucy Davenport at Aynhoe Park

Photography & Filming Location in Oxfordshire

This month we ask renowned wedding and event

photographer Lucy Davenport to tell us about her


We love the way Lucy captures Aynhoe and always

sees something different.

Her brides have been featured in Brides magazine,

style my pretty, wedding sparrow, love my dress,

hochzeitsguide, rock my wedding, festival brides,

you & your wedding and festival brides.

First Impressions

"My first visit to Aynhoe was an exciting one. I was

working on a campaign shoot with Britta

Kjerkegaard, the danish designer behind The

Couture Gallery in collaboration with Conde

Nast Brides Magazine. To say I was spellbound

was an understatement."

"For me, Aynhoe Park is special because it is

constantly evolving. There are always new pieces,

even new areas being built - it's ever growing as

as a unique event space.

I have a long list of favourites 'pieces' in the

house! I adore the crown that the bear wears

though - it would go unnoticed, however

i used it for an editorial shoot. i do also love

the huge mirror in the bridal suite. -

there's no better place to photograph

the brides wedding dress."

quick fire round

complete the following sentence: Aynhoe park is..."

like nothing you've ever seen before.

what was your most memorable moment at Aynhoe Park?

I have been lucky enough to have some fabulous

times at Aynhoe, for both editorial shoots and

weddings. One stand out moment though

was a jewish wedding and some amazing shots

I captured of the dancing. The groom was

thrown up in the air on a duvet and jumped

over 6 very trusting friends who were on

the floor!

If you could be locked inside Aynhoe Park for 24

hours, who would you want to be with you and why?

I'd love to take some of my nearest and dearest

friends there for a party! They're always seeing

my instagram posts and are desperate to see it

for themselves. I'd of course have to invite all

my brides and grooms who have been married

there over the years as they would love that!

What is your favourite room in the house and why?

The orangery! I adore ceremonies that take

place here with the beautiful natural light

flooding through the windows. Then seeing

guests faces when it's been transformed to the

most incredible party setting for the evening.

Disco balls glistening - I always think if those

walls could talk...!

Thank you!

Thank you lucy for answering all of our questions.