Christmas Bubble

Christmas bubble

So it's that time of year again!

The christmas season has officially

begun - it either fills you with

utter joy or pure fear.

I feel a little of both!

Every year I like to reinvent our

christmas look - whether it be glossy

gold, traditional or au natural!

Us ladies love to push our little

decor boundaries and with my

styling influences and working

closely with Bubblegum balloons

on so many projects, I'm keen to

always incorporate balloons

into my christmas look.

A couple of years ago I went gold

and white on our table.. I was

going Hollywood Regency!

I had large gold rim chargers -

gold cutlery - and the centre was

filled with gold candle holders

in different styles and sizes. To

finish my look I added the bubblegum

bubble balloon with

gold matt confetti and gold


They do so many types of gold

now! My new LOVE is the gold orb -

on invisible wire. Tuck the weights

into your table centre and you

have floating orbs over your table!

Balloons have been reinvented, no longer just for a children's party or memorable celebration - a balloon can be incorporated into your christmas decor and table styling.

Sophie Aynhoe

Last year the girls played with the

contrast between latex and nature!

And oh how it works! Being playful

with any theme - is important to me,

especially with the children. I adore

these giant balloons with natural tassels,

we used them last year - emerging from

a mossy natural floor adorned

with mini snow ball balloons!

What ever your colour theme

Bubblegum balloons will have

a balloon colour and if not - you

can always go bespoke!