Emma Segal - Event Manager

What does an Event Manager do?

I am there from the moment that you book Aynhoe Park to the day you depart after your event. What I offer in terms of planning will be completely bespoke to meet with your requirements and priorities. I will help you to form a strong vision of what you want from your event, not only in terms of the look and style but also the feel, then will put everything in place to achieve it. You’ve picked a unique venue and, as such, I have worked with a lot of unique suppliers over my past four years here! I will help you to select the suppliers who are the best fit for your event and will then manage these relationships throughout the planning process for you. I will also help to build a timeline for your event, making sure that everything runs smoothly when it matters. My approach, like the rest of the team’s, is a mix of creativity and organisation. All of the above is by no means exhaustive but hopefully helps to convey the fact that, at Aynhoe, no two events are the same and I am excited to help maintain that ethos.

What makes the job satisfying?

If I could make it sound less cheesy I would, but it truly is seeing the look on people’s faces! Whether it’s a bride & groom visiting the venue for the first time or someone visiting for what they think is a ‘standard’ corporate retreat, there is nothing better than knowing you have exceeded people’s expectations. I also very much enjoy the ‘arduous’ task of sampling all of our menus, both solid and liquid!

What’s the best thing about working at Aynhoe Park?

The best thing about the events we deliver is that there really are no limits – only budget and imagination can get in the way! Before I worked here, I asked the team what they had said ‘no’ to in the past and there was a lot of head-scratching. I have been lucky enough to be a fly-on-the-wall to some truly amazing events but, as our crest on the library wall says… what’s said in here, what’s done in here, what’s seen in here, stays in here.