Ellie Moffatt - Event Manager

What does an Event Manager do?

As each event is unique, we cater our planning service to suit your individual needs. Whether that is full planning for a wedding in 18 months’ time or a birthday party with a 3-week lead time we will be there to support you through the process. Working in such a small team enables us to bounce ideas off of each other, and we are always working together to transform your ideas into a reality. Event planning can seem like a daunting task and in such a fast-paced and crazy industry I try to be the calm during the storm for all of my clients.

What makes the job satisfying?

The most satisfying thing is by far seeing everything come together on the day! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing all of the months, even years, of planning coming together to create one unforgettable night than no one wants to end. On more than a few occasions the party has still been going when I arrived at work the following day! That is always the sign of a successful event.

What’s the best thing about working at Aynhoe Park?

No two events are the same! When looking through our Instagram or event brochures it is easy to think that we cherry pick the best events to showcase, however they really are all that magical. From start to finish your guests will be immersed in the Aynhoe Park experience where from hot air balloons to unicorns, anything is possible. If one thing is certain it is that there is never a dull moment at Aynhoe Park.