Ellie Devine - Event Stylist

What does an Event Stylist do?

As an Event Stylist, it is my job to design and create your event concept. From elaborate tablescapes and wedding décor to product launches and full immersive experiences. I will work with you to make mood boards, source all the elements and create your bespoke event. Wherever you are in the world I can bring the essence of Aynhoe to you so you can have your very own ‘Aynhoe Backstage’.

What makes the job satisfying?

What makes the job so satisfying is seeing a concept come to life. Whether it be an intimate dinner in the Orangery lit by the mirrorballs or a dinosaur jumping out at you in the Dining Room - seeing the guests faces is always the best part!

What’s the best thing about working at Aynhoe Park?

A giraffe in the Orangery, White Hart deer in the park, The Butler at the door waiting to greet you – Aynhoe is one of a kind and so are the events that we get the pleasure of creating here. Everyone who walks through the door interprets the house differently which means no event is ever the same.