Cleo Alexiou - Event Manager

What does an Event Manager do?

There are no two days the same in the life of an Event Manager. My week began talking through the logistical elements of building a 20ft Eiffel Tower replica at the front of the house- and has ended with choosing the perfect shade of pink napkin for a beautiful, whimsical wedding! I closely work with our lovely clients from the day they view the house for the first time, right up to their celebration- whether it be a surrealist theme birthday party, a photoshoot, corporate away day or the most important day of their life- a wedding! With all the planning fun in between. Our role is to not only plan, organise and manage the events here at Aynhoe Park, but also be the support for our clients to make their experience as stress free as possible!

What makes the job satisfying?

The most satisfying thing for me is without a doubt meeting the excited, newly engaged couples for their first viewings. We learn about who they are, what their shared interests are, and what style of celebration best suits them. No two weddings are the same – and being there to carefully select food, drinks and styling to represent their relationship is always fun!

What’s the best thing about working at Aynhoe Park?

There is so much! Firstly, the fact that our clients have all chosen this eclectic house to host their event means they all share similar qualities. They are wanting to break the boundaries, create something that knocks ‘traditional’ out of the park and have quite spectacular imaginations! This of course makes our job incredibly enjoyable! Secondly, nothing beats arriving to work on a Monday morning and not knowing what new fabulous curiosities await us in the house!